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The Spriters Hotel

Before entering, pleae note: We are FULL! No more applications, please. And (Hopefully) no more invites, to the Authors that are Able to do so. This is an Author comic based in a hotel (Oh, WOW!). The usual stuff applies, you pick a room, put your characters face (Or a symbol representing them on your door, design your room on the usual website ( The only acception to the usual rooms is that you can only have 1 Character per room. Unless you get permission from Marcus (The guy who built the hotel. . . With his BARE HANDS!. . . And some machinery. . . And 100 other guys). If you have any comic-related concerns, please PM either: Marcusdawson (Owner of Hotel), Doctor780 (Co-owner), Kinny-man (Superuser), or xXCreatorXx (Superuser).

The Rules (And The Game, for those who are playing)

1. One person per room, unless Marcus says so.
2. You MUST mark your door with something reopresenting your Character.
3. If you are permitted additional characters, mark their beds.
4. Do not, I repeat, NOT enter the Authors room (The stairs leading to it are located in the garden).
5. No heavy swearing, censor your bad language (Yeah, because we are all kids here -.-').
6. Do not kill the other Authors.
7. You may only kiill yourselves (Or An Hero, as the cool kids of the internet know it as).
8. Try to use language and punctuation, so we can all read the comics.
9. Obey rule 8.
10. Obey all rules.
Rules 1-7 by Marcus, rules 8-10 by kinny-man.

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