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The Spriters Hotel

Before entering, pleae note: We are FULL! No more applications, please. And (Hopefully) no more invites, to the Authors that are Able to do so. This is an Author comic based in a hotel (Oh, WOW!). The usual stuff applies, you pick a room, put your characters face (Or a symbol representing them on your door, design your room on the usual website ( The only acception to the usual rooms is that you can only have 1 Character per room. Unless you get permission from Marcus (The guy who built the hotel. . . With his BARE HANDS!. . . And some machinery. . . And 100 other guys). If you have any comic-related concerns, please PM either: Marcusdawson (Owner of Hotel), Doctor780 (Co-owner), Kinny-man (Superuser), or xXCreatorXx (Superuser).

Please post your characters info here.

Character name: Goulen.
Spiecies: Armadillo.
Affiliation: Team Gould.
Additional Info: He owns the hotel, has a bear addiction and will destroy anything to get what he wants.
He was thrown out of his home planet for being wreckless and destructive.
Personallity: Goulden is very competitive.
Quote from Character: I built this hotel with my BARE HANDS!!!. . . And some machinery. . . And 100 other guys.
Owner of Character: Marcus.

Character name: Koljin Raclunem.
Spiecies: Auroran (Kinda like a human).
Affiliation: Auroros.
Additional info: Koljin is a travelling mercanery, he is at this hotel for one reason, to secretly protect it (Though, for what reasons remain unknown. . . .For now).
He travels the Dimensions, currently working for the Aurorawarriors (The elite soldiers of his race), he was hired to collect the (Generic) Legendary wepons of his race.
Personallity: He's a prettey laid-back guy, quite witty and talkative.
He enjoys a nice bowl of noodles, so if you ant to get on his good side, give him good quality noodles.
Quote from Character: "When there's trouble afoot, give me the right cash, and i'll sort it out".
Owner of Character: kinny-man.

Character name: Scarface.
Spiecies:Kabaneigh (A type of ghost)
Affiliation: Demon Corp. (He is a killer). Additional Info: He had no home to start with, so he moved to earth (Via instant transmission) and was raised with wolves. He is on the side of good, despite being born in Hell.
Personallity: Stuborn.
Quote from Character: "Let the gun do the talking"
Owner of Character: tech the hedgehog.

Name: Scepter.
Species: Hedgehog.
Affiliation: Trainig in the arts of magic.
Personality: Short-tempered but nice.
No further info.

Character name: Agent S.A.T.
Species: B.O.W(Biological.Organic.Weapon).
Affiliation: S.A.P.
Additional Info: Somehow created by the government using Tails DNA and released 12 years to early.
Personality: Calm,Do not approach when coffee has yet to be administered.
Quote from Character: "Well that wasn't how I expected it to happen."
Owner of Character:SuperPaperTails.

Character name: Phil.
Spiecies: Pikachu. (Omfg, POKEMANS!!!! ~ kinny-man)
Affiliation: None.
Additional Info: He hates being called cute.
Personallity: Stubborn, Determined, and Hyperactive. Has low IQ when it comes to common sense, but has an extreamly high IQ in everything else.
Owner of Character: Xp_lulz.

Character name: Lightning
Species: Hedgehog.
Age: 17.
Personality: Mellow, Adventurous, Over- Emotional at times, when it comes to being sad etc. he's normally emotional.
Extra: From the future.
Relatives: Shadow, Sonic, Amy, Maria, Thunder, Others are Unknown.
Owner: xXCreatorXx.

Character name: Thunder
Species: Hedgehog.
Age: 16.
Personality: Dark, very...rambunctous, easy to start a fight, Never sad.
Extra: Form the future.
Relatives: Shadow, Soic, Amy, Maria, Lightning, Others are Unknown.
Owner: xXCreatorXx.


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